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Forever And A Petal

Pressed Floral Arrangement | Pay In Full

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Color – Black

Preserve your memories for a lifetime with our pressed floral frames. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, hand made with care and love especially for you.

Processing time takes 6+ weeks after drop off. 

Flowers are dropped off and picked up ~locally~ 

However, they can be shipped outside Alabama for a $50 fee added at checkout.

Mini | 7"x5"
Small | 15"x12"
Large | 23"x19"

Recommended flowers for preserving include bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, special occasion floral arrangements, everyday buds, and more. If you have a question about whether or not your piece can be preserved, please contact us.

We require a 25% up front deposit, and the balance will be due upon completion of your piece.

Frame style is specified by the customer following the deposit. Please complete the form below once you complete payment.

How It Works
  • 1. Determine your event date
  • 2. Book us using the form here
  • 3. Pick your frame size + pay the 25% deposit
  • 4. Drop off your flowers ASAP
Return Policy

As each piece is created custom for every customer, we do not allow returns.

    Pressed Floral Arrangement | Pay In Full
    Pressed Floral Arrangement | Pay In Full
    Pressed Floral Arrangement | Pay In Full
    Pressed Floral Arrangement | Pay In Full
    Pressed Floral Arrangement | Pay In Full
    “Flowers are like friends; they bring color to your world.” –Unknown
    “Flowers whisper ‘Beauty!’ to the world, even as they fade, wilt, fall.” –Dr. SunWolf
    “In joy and in sadness, flowers are our constant friends.” –Unknown

    How does it work?

    • Determine your event date.

    • Book us using the form below.

      We'll follow up on specifics.

    • Pick your frame size + pay in full above...

    • Ship your flowers ASAP.

      Scroll for helpful hints.

    Once you've completed the form, we'll be in touch to discuss the specifics (frame style, etc.) of your custom piece. Your balance payment will be due upon completion of your one-of-a-kind memory.

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    Helpful hints for shipping your flowers

    How should I package my flowers for shipping?

    The most important consideration is breathable packaging. We cannot work with rotted or molded flowers.

    We recommend packaging your flowers in a corrugated box inside of another, bigger box. It is also acceptable to wet a couple of paper towels and wrap the stems in a plastic bag with some rubber bands. Make sure to use crumpled paper or peanuts in order to give the flowers room to breathe. Read more below.

    Steps for success!

    -Ship as soon as possible (same day or next day). The fresher the flowers arrive, the better the finished product will be.

    -Keep the bouquet bound.

    -Use a corrugated box, inside a larger box. Include packaging cushion in both.

    -Use breathable packaging-crumpled paper or peanuts.

    -Avoid wrapping buds in any type of plastic, they will rot if they cant breathe.

    -Make sure there is enough packaging to where the flowers are not flinging around in the box.

    -Do not include vases or bags with flowing/open water.

    Which carrier should I ship with?

    USPS, UPS, or Fedex. We do recommend overnight shipping whenever possible.

    How soon should I ship my flowers?

    -Ship as soon as possible, (overnight is highly, highly suggested) the fresher they arrive, the better the finished product will be.

    -If the flowers are dry upon arrival I cannot press them

    Can local orders drop off?

    -Absolutely- Reach out to set up a local drop off/ pick up!